Integrating AWS SDK for Dot Net with Asp Dot Net Web Application.

One has to agree that Amazon always does justice to its name and logo. I mean to say ‘A-Z’ which is represented by its logo. Coming to the topic, I’ll show you possible and best ways to integrate Amazon AWS SDK in to any sort of Dot Net Web Application. In fact all services provided by AWS are well documented and gives clear idea on how to use its services, But, its bit typical to find out the right piece of document which you are looking for, because it’s VAST. Let’s get started.

Here I’m creating a new project and I’ll show you how to integrate SDK into it.

To start off, there are two versions of AWS SDK for Dot Net which you can find on internet till date. Its version 2.0 and version 3. No wonder that version 3 is obliviously the advanced and stable version. The major change over in version 3 is it uses separate packages for each service. Just like if you are working with s3 on a particular module, you can just import awssdk.s3 package. For example, ‘using Amazon.s3;’

Amazon provides windows installation package alongside with Nuget package. If you download and install windows installation package, you will also get tools for windows powershell and tools for visual studio along with sdk. You can download the windows installation package from here.

After installation, you can see the .dll files generated in the program files of your OS drive. These .dll files you can browse and import to your project from add references option.

The other method is to install from the Nuget package manager console (recommended for smooth deployment of the project). In version 3, you need to have a core package which shares the common functionality for all the services. In AWS SDK for Dot Net version 3, there are at total of 70 packages. Find the complete list here.

For example , if you working with aws s3 storage in your project. Just open the Nuget package manager and install the aws s3 storage as in figure.

AWS SDK for Dot Net

AWS SDK for Dot Net

After installing the package, come to your coding page and try to add the namespace as

Using Amazon.s3; 

If installation goes fine, the s3 option will be visible in the suggestions window.

Just like S3, you can follow the same procedure for installation all the required packages of Amazon AWS SDk for Dot net in your dot net project.Consider installing only the required packages which will reduce the weight of the project.

Thank you!